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Building a new era of Motorcycles

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We engineer motorcycles

Thornton Hundred & TH Works specialises in designing and manufacturing motorcycles, offering clients complete individuality and unparalleled road presence with each custom-built machine.

Based in the heart of Buckinghamshire, just 5 miles from the world-renowned Silverstone Circuit, we leverage the area’s wealth of world-class engineering and design to our advantage to create the best bespoke motorcycles on the market.

Our Motorcycles

Thornton Hundred Works is our brand new, in-house motorcycle design and manufacturing facility. The first edition bike, the EVO BOBBER, is our sports bike/ Bobber crossover which tears up the rule book on what it means to ride a cruiser.


Thornton Hundred Motorcycles, offers a unique customisation experience for Triumph Motorcycles, ensuring your motorcycle stands out with personalised styling and innovation.


Thornton Hundred’s specialist division manufacturing motorcycles.

Triumph Based Motorcycles

Custom-built Triumph Bonneville Bobbers ready to ride.

Just Launched

Evo Bobber

Evo Homepage

Introducing the all-new motorcycle from TH Works, a revolutionary evolution in motorcycle engineering.

Evo Homepage
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Striving to Design revolutionary Motorcycles

At Thornton Hundred, reliability and usability are paramount. Our bikes, designed to endure thousands of miles in all weather conditions, undergo meticulous revisions to withstand harsh environments while maintaining aesthetic brilliance.

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British engineering and design

Our modern techniques include 3D scanning for reverse engineering factory components, CAD software for innovative component design, and 3D printing in plastic and alloys for prototyping and testing parts. Additionally, we use FEA stress analysis to ensure our components’ long-term safety and durability.

Tailored buying experience of buying a motorcycle from TH

Tailored buying experience

We offer personalised involvement in the build process of your motorcycle, ensuring you get exactly what you desire. Whether you’re looking to buy a finished bespoke motorcycle or be part of the creative journey, we deliver individuality and exclusivity with every creation.

A New Era of Bobbers

Introducing the all-new Bobber from TH Works, a revolutionary evolution in motorcycle engineering.

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